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How to Purchase Leads

How to Purchase Leads

Are you a real estate agent who signed up for our Starter Membership Plan?

As an Agents for Less member under our Starter Membership Plan, you have the option to purchase Buyer and Listing leads. Leads are generated through the contact forms on your profile page (direct leads) and/or our Ask Agents page (indirect leads).

When a lead comes in, all our members that serve a particular lead's geographical location are automatically notified via email. 

Here's how the leads are handled by our system:

1. Agents serving the lead's geographical location get notified by email that a lead is available

2. Agents login to their account and preview the lead (partial view with lead's contact information hidden)

3. Agents decide whether to purchase the lead or not using his or her credit card

4. Once payment is made, the lead's full view including the lead's contact information becomes available.

5. Agent can now contact the lead

Direct Leads

A lead generated from your profile page is considered a Direct Lead.

Indirect Leads

Leads coming from our Ask Agents page are considered Indirect Leads.

Free Direct and Indirect Leads

Direct and Indirect Leads are free if you're a Premium and Power Member. Upon logging in, you'll immediately see the lead in full view including the lead's contact information without making any purchase.

Don't Make Leads Wait. Please!

Home Buyer and Seller Leads are time-sensitive. The faster you respond to a lead, the more chances you'll generate a listing and close a sale.

Whether you're a Free, Premium or Power Member, our pricing options are designed to make real estate lead generation affordable and sustainable. 

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