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Are Real Estate Rebates Legal?

Are Real Estate Rebates Legal?

Some real estate brokers have increasingly begun to compete for customers by offering cash rebates or other inducements to home buyers and sellers. Rebates that go directly to buyers or sellers lower costs on both sides of the transaction. Cash rebates are usually calculated as some fraction of the broker's commission and can result in thousands of dollars being returned to the consumer. - U.S. .Department of Justice

Are Real Estate Rebates Legal?

The U.S. Department of Justice published an extensive report about rebates and other types of incentives or "inducements" for home buyers and sellers. You can read the report here: The Importance of Competition in Real Estate to Consumers

According to the report, real estate rebates make home buying less expensive. To learn more, please click here

The report also includes States that allow and prohibit rebates from real estate brokers. To find out if real estate rebates are legal in your state, please go to this page:

Here's a screenshot taken from the US Department of Justice website showing how rebates work:

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